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We're a passionate team that thrives on creating and managing top-performing social media campaigns, websites, paid ads and crafting brand presence that feel distinct across all your customer touch points. We use relevant social media marketing services, industry best practices, and our keen eye for functional design to help businesses grow and exceed goals. Founded in sunny (sometimes) San Fransisco, California. but providing exceptional service coast-to-coast.

Meet Dan
Founder & Chief Digital Strategist

I started Bowtie Media in 2013 when I noticed many entrepreneurial friends of mine weren't taking advantage of popular social channels for their small businesses. What started as building out Facebook Business Pages, is now a full-service social media agency creating digital conversations between your business and people.  


 Meet Paulina

Meet Paulina, your social media guru! With years of experience in the ever-evolving world of social media, she knows how to navigate the latest trends and algorithms to ensure your brand shines brightly!

 Meet Halley

If you're looking for a website that promotes your business services, tells your mission's story, or grows e-comm sales, you'll be working with Halley. She also strategies our paid campaigns, leverages SEO best practices and provides brand development services to business at every stage. 

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